It’s a place where new culture is born from the tradition and the present.

Kokinen’ is Kyo machiya (traditional Kyoto style wooden house) that you can rent the whole house. It located at the bottom of Funaoka-yama (small mountain) near Daitoku-ji (temple), which has a deep connection with Sen no Rikyu, who is well known as a master of tea ceremony.
This house is 25 mat-room sizes in total of ground and the second floor.It was built by an artisan of Nishijin-brocade (traditional Japanese kimono textile which is mainly made in Kyoto). There are special designs everywhere in the house such as a narrow door which imitate Nijiriguchi (the small entrance to the tea ceremony room), giving you the impression of tea-ceremony room, an embed chinaware on the wall, the embroidered Fusuma(the sliding paper screens that are used to divide up interior space in traditional Japanese building architecture)and precious wood pillars. You can see great views of Daimonji-yama from the first floor and also, enjoy breeze from the mountain when you open the window.
This place is also aimed to introduce all ages of artisans and artists with different culture background who are mainly from Kansai area. You can enjoy the artwork such as a painting on Fusuma, facilities made by related artists and the gallery in the basement.

Kokienen is located on Murasakino area with easy access to the famous spots in North West side of Kyoto city. You can walk to Daitoku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Imamiya-jinja etc. It takes approximately 30 minutes by Keifuku train to Ryoan-ji, which is well-known by Zen garden and Kurumazaki-jinja which is famous for the god of entertainment, Sagano, Uzumasa and Arashiyama.
Of course, you can easily go to almost anywhere in Kyoto city if you take a bus or cycle.
In addition, Murasakino is an area where new culture is born little by little. Around that area, many shops have been opened one after another. ‘Nishijin Sarasa’ is a cafe which was renovated from the famous public bath. In ‘Sugamachi shokudou’, you can eat a deer curry made by kyoto hunter’harvest and herbal medicine soup. ‘Karaimo books’ is a select bookstore with a cafe and lecture event space.
Besides the new stuff, there is a local Tofu store that was in the film ‘Mother water’.
Also, three old shopping streets are with in walking distance. You can experience old tradition and new culture in this area.

[Price:The whole house, 25,000 yen/day
(maximum 5 people. Please inquire us if you would like to book the house with more than 6 people)]

Kyoto is the city, which is suitable for thinking of things deep and quietly, and then working out a dedicated plan. It’s also a great place for making a future plan of your life and concentrate on writing a proposal of you.
Nice cafes, restaurants, fishmongers, take away shops, butchers and super markets are in neighborhood. You can also cook at Kokinen, on enjoy the garden in Daitoku-ji for refresh. If you feel tired, just take a bath in the public bath, which will be open until 1am. We believe the surroundings that you need is already prepared. Sometimes, the management members of Kokinen come here and work to develop ideas. (※There is a wireless Lan.)

Kokinen is sometimes used as a lesson room for the ceremony practice of Japanese tea and “Noh” during the daytime. If you are lucky, you’ll get a chance to watch these while you are in Kokinen. Architecture is not the only attraction for tourists; Noh, Mai (Dance) and the student’s theater performance also attract people.

Kokinen is not just a house. There is a basement. It is an 18 mat-room size of white basement, which is completely different from the ground part of the house. We plan to have domestic and overseas exhibitions in every season.
※Tomoko Iwata is currently exhibiting her work. Her work is stored at the basement in Kokinen.

Young artists who work on distinctive projects take care of Kokinen by turns. If you are interested in art, they can show you their artwork and you can order the artwork on the spot.

For the guests

For the guest who want to make a reservation
Kokinen is a house that you rent as a whole. The 18-mat-room size basement under the floor is a gallery space, showing artworks and craft work in every season. It’s a pleasantly cool space, so it’s suitable for reading books and meditation. You can read a book in there, but please do not cause damage to the artwork.


  • •Kitchen (Small fridge, electric cooker, rice cooker, electric kettle, knife, cutting board, and dishes)
  • •Internet connection (wireless LAN)
  • •Heater (Kotatsu and oil heater: Winter only)
  • •Air conditioner (Electric fan and mosquito net: Summer only)
    Please bring these items if you need them.
  • •Nightclothes(Yukata etc.)
  • ・Toiletries (Toothbrush, Towel, etc.)

Taking a bath

It only takes a minute by walking to get to the public bath, ‘Funaoka Onsen’ (National important Registered culture property) which is used to be a Japanese restaurant. Please use this place to take a bath. It opens from 8:00am in the morning on Sunday. Taking a bath before you go out in the morning would be nice. (Please click here to check other public bathes in Kyoto)
Funaoka Onsen
Price: 450yen
Opening hours: 15:00pm〜25:00am(Sunday and Bank holiday 8:00am〜)No holiday
They have towels to rent and sell shampoos and soaps.
Japanese cypress bath, an open-air bath and a sauna are free.


There are many famous places in walking distance around Kokinen.

  • •Cafe ‘Shizuka’ …Former Geiko opened this long-establish cafe. The interior design of the cafe is fantastic.
  • •Printed paper (for Fusuma)… The pattern of Fusuma glisten by mica is beautiful. They also sell postcards and envelopes.
  • •Supermarket ‘Mercado Funaoka’ …It is an cooperative store for local people. You can easily buy local vegetables from local people in here.

There are much more interesting places in this area. Please write down in ‘Kokinen map’ if you discover new interesting things.

Optional menu: Kokinen researcher tour guide

People who live in Kyoto who are working on various activities will show you their recommended place around. Researchers (tour guides) including designers, writers, artists, students, architects, bag makers etc. Even though it is the same place, everyone has different views of Kyoto. Taking a tour and walking around with them, you can discover the various worlds in Kyoto.

One day tour: A researcher will show you around Kyoto for approximately 8 hours.

Half of the day tour: A researcher will show you around Kyoto for approximately 4 hours.

The lecture with taking a meal together: Having a meal together with a researcher, he or she will tell you his/her recommended places.

Sometimes it’s difficult to arrange the schedule with a researcher in a short time, as all the researchers are part-time. Please inquire us for further information.

Important note

  • •A caretaker is not staying in Kokinen. Please use this house as a vacation house.
  • •Please make the payment by bank transfer.
  • •A cancellation fee is 50% of the accommodation charges from 7days before by the previous day of your reserved day. If you cancel the day of your reservation, we will ask you to pay 100% of the accommodation charges.
  • •Keep fire away and no smoking in Kokinen in order to culture asserts.
  • •Booking is available from 4 month before.
  • •Please inquire us if you would like to use as the artist in residence program from a month. (We make an examination of applicant.)

Rental fee

One day rent for the whole house: 25,000yen

Number of people: From 2 up to 5 (Please inquire us if you want to make a reservation with more than 6 people.

Management and a representative of Kokinen Hiroshi Ito


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[Ongoing project]

  • •The team with young gardeners is updating a new garden in Kokinen.

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